Helpful Information - Bob Strupat

18 x 12

There's Always Something Going Off At Cape Canaveral

10 x 8

There's Always Something Going Off At Cape Canaveral

Size Matters

SmugMug offers a user-friendly method for purchasers to crop photos to their desired size.
However, on some images this may change the nature of the photo.
Most photos on this site were uploaded at a size of 18" x 12" which is somewhat rectangular. A 10" x 8" image, for instance, is much more square.

Please feel free to email and ask for a custom crop or to determine if your preferred size is recommended for a particular image.

Paper Choice

Choosing the paper for a photo is a matter of personal taste. But if you have no particular reason to select one or the other, my recommendation is Lustre. When paper prints are framed and under glass, glare can be a problem. A Gossy print can sometimes make that worse.

~ This site is under construction. For a limited time, all prices are set only slightly above cost. ~

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