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My background as a journalist enables me to research and write informative and engaging text that provides readers a deeper understanding of the subject matter and of the context of individual photographs.

Books about places, such as Niagara Falls, attempt to be comprehensive. That means not just presenting compelling photographs, but adding sufficient history and background to provide a full picture.

Yosemite   The Birds of Florida   Niagara Falls   Portfolio   Nature   Humber Bay

Grand Harbor Is For The Birds   Grand Harbor Audubon Society Nature Gardens

A word about the price of Blurb photo books. They are expensive because of the economics of on-demand printing, not profit setting by me -- I receive $1 per book! When ordering large quantities, the price can be significantly reduced. It can also be reduced if I order the books personally (using author discounts that Blurb provides from time to time) and then resell -- but this becomes burdensome to purchasers and to me. These are high quality books with premium paper, etc. and worthy of a premium price, but I wanted to let readers know the price is not set or controlled by me.

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