Sharing A Path In The Everglades

Photographers don’t go about randomly clicking the shutter button. Something catches their eye. The challenge is to produce a print that resonates with viewers in a way that arouses the same curiosity, interest or passion.

That’s why many of the photographs in this collection are less about exactitude or replication than about interpretation, expression, beauty, art. Painting isn’t about the brushes, and taking photographs shouldn’t be about the camera.
If it requires robust editing, even specialized software intervention, to distill the essence of the subject, so be it.

I sometimes attempt to define my approach to photography and print making by making a distinction between a picture and a photograph. A picture is an image of what was in front of the camera at the time the shutter was pressed.
A photograph has more to do with what’s behind the camera (the mind and heart of the photographer). It is an image of what motivated the pressing of the shutter.

"Take your time looking at the images on display and prepare to enjoy yourself while appreciating the work of a talented photographer who's wrapped these sensational images up in a quiet, unassuming package." Joe Farace, Shutterbug Magazine

About Bob

Bob is a former journalist, freelance writer, college writing instructor, and communications consultant. He took up photography in 2004 after being diagnosed with advanced colon cancer and undergoing a series of operations and other treatments. He wrote about some of his medical experiences in an article for the Toronto Star. Click on "Hello, I'm in pain here" to download the article as a PDF file. Bob lives in Toronto, Ontario.

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